Smart Waste Management System in India

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2 min readFeb 20, 2020


India is as we all know the seventh largest and the second-most populous country in the world. So that speaks a lot about its consumption and waste management needs. We as a country generate a lot of waste and it’s really important that we manage it well so that our future generations have a healthy planet to live in.

The amount of waste is choking India. The waste is generated in each and every sector. From households to industries, there’s not a single sector that is untouched. At the same, the segregation of waste and it’s recycling is highly mismanaged.

The municipality has the duty to collect, segregate, transport and dump the waste from the city but it isn’t able to utilize the resources provided adequately because management is a big issue.

The waste is usually piling down from the trash can, hence creating a mess so it is important to use a smart waste management system that increases the efficiency of the waste reduction system. One of the new initiatives is the Trashthon app. This application is of great help. You can visit it at

What does the Trashthon app do?

To sum up in a few lines

The app is user-friendly

It provides multi-purpose functionality

The app tells the live status as to if the litter bin is clean or not at a given time

It makes the communication between the employees and the head easy as you are just one click away

The admins can generate weekly and monthly reports of the status and much more

Let us all try to manage the waste in our smartly as we are smart citizens of smart cities.

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